Cold Forge Steel Ballast

Peerless manufactures a low cost, free flowing, cold worked steel shot for a variety of ballast applications.

Some typical applications:

  • Counterweights.
  • Ship Ballast.
  • Athletic Wear/Equipment.
  • Refractor Shapes.
  • Radiation Shields.
  • Bottom Poured Coolant Materials.

Because of our higher specific density of 7.8 gm/cc, our cold worked steel shot is often preferred over cast steel shot that only has a density of 7.0 gm/cc.

Material can be packaged in any of the following ways:

  • Bulk dump truck.
  • Bulk bags containing any quantity up to 4,500 pounds per bag.
  • 55 gallon steel drums.
  • 50 pound paper bags.
  • 50 pound bags.

If you are looking for contaminant free ballast, manufactured specifically to your requirements, please call Peerless Metal Powders & Abrasive: 313.841.5400.