Zero Valent Iron (ZVI)

Zero Valent Iron Remediation Products

Peerless Zero Valent Iron Aggregate

Peerless is the largest U.S. manufacturer of Zero Valent Iron for water and soil remediation.

The Common ZVI Sizes

Typical applications

8/50PRB Trenching & Drilling
8/50F Coarse PRB Trenching & Drilling
14DPumping & Fracking
50DDrilling, Injection, Pumping & Fracking

At no extra cost to you, we are able to screen our iron to any sieve size you may require. We ship in bulk bags, containing any weight per bag you specify. We also ship in bulk truckloads. If you require another packaging option, please call.

We export our iron to all countries. In 2013 we invested in a new million dollar, indirect fired, drying furnace to remove 100% of the oil and moisture from the iron without leaving an oxide surface. Our ZVI’s are above 90% Metallic Fe, the highest Metallic Fe content in the industry.

For more information, please call Peerless Metal Powders & Abrasive: 313.841.5400.