Cold Forge Steel Grit

Steel Grit

Cleaner…More angular…More aggressive and Lowest cost

Peerless Cold Forge Steel Grit is produced utilizing our patented manufacturing process. This unique manufacturing technique assures our customers of grit with no round or semi-rounded surfaces, thus, faster surface preparation and less dust in the blast machine, which is of vital importance to air-blast applications. Our carbon steel chemistry and martensitic microstructure means longer life and added resistance to breakdown. Produced by hardening, crushing and tempering select high quality steel, Peerless Cold Forge Steel Grit is a clean, hyper-angular, aggressive blast media which is ideal for both centrifugal wheel blast and air-blast applications.

Peerless Cold Forge Steel Grit is available in all SAE (J444) grit sizes, from G12 through G325.

Hardness Designations (SAE J 1993):

SG 40-50 Rc
MG 50-55 Rc
LG 56-60 Rc
HG 60 + Rc

Chemical Analysis:

Carbon —————–0.45-0.75
Sulfur——————–0.05 Max
Phosphorous———–0.05 Max

Peerless Cold Forge Steel Grit is used for all grit blasting applications, from simple sand or scale removal to the most difficult surface preparation or etch. Peerless Cold Forge Steel Grit is being used, successfully, in all types and brands of blast machines and requires no special attention to separator adjustment, abrasive size selection or dust collection practices. Peerless Cold Forge Steel Grit is ideally suited for:

  • cleaning castings.
  • removing heat treat scale.
  • removing mill scale.
  • surface preparation prior to metallizing.
  • preparing steel prior to painting.
  • etching prior to coating.
  • removing rust and paint from structural steel.

For technical assistance, help with abrasive size selection or other assistance related to your blast operation, please call Peerless Metal Powders & Abrasive: 313.841.5400.